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SewingTink Wholesale/Dropship Program

Dropshipping is a popular retailing method that allows you to retail our products at a profit to the general public. You don’t need any money upfront to get started. All you need is the information below in the application process to get accepted into our program.

Before you apply to the SewingTink Dropship program there are some things you should become familiar with first. Please read the following information first before applying.

What you should know before applying:

  • M.A.P. agreement – We have established an enforceable Minimum Advertised Pricing agreement that all of our retailers must sign and agree to before retailing SewingTink products. This helps protect both of our brands and reliability of profits for both parties. You can sell the product at any price but you cannot advertise the product below our M.A.P. pricing. We do not want to incentivize pricing competition battles among our competitors, but rather incentivize value based selling. This is yet another reason to be happy we have and strictly enforce our M.A.P. agreement.
  • Free Traffic! – One of the great benefits you immediately gain when you are accepted as an approved SewingTink dropship retailer you receive free referrals from our website. In other words we do not compete with you on retail sales. Instead SewingTink empowers you with all the tools you need to be successful and profitable retailing online starting with receiving free online leads/traffic from our SewingTink website that you are on now!
  • Data Feed Access – Once your application is approved we will provide you an easy to use data feed CSV of all of our products that contain all the data you need to easily import products to your store and start retailing immediately! The data feed CSV will contain product details such as:
    • title and description of the products
    • pricing
    • image URL
    • etc.
  • Back Office Ordering – When your dropship retailer application is accepted you will receive your login to our back office ordering system where you can easily place any order you have. From there your order will come to us and be processed and shipped out immediately to your customer. You will then receive a tracking order confirmation email that you can send to your customer.
  • Special Wholesale Pricing – each of our valued dropship retailers receive special wholesale pricing on all products. Your special pricing will be accessible upon logging in to your account with us.

Fill Out This Application To Apply:

After you apply we will call you to discuss your application and then provide you a login to your back office if you are approved:

FREE SHIPPING on all orders in the USA! Dismiss