Large Keepsake Turtle made from your baby's hospital blanket or loved ones clothing.

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Do you have some special clothing from a loved one, armed service uniform  or maybe your baby's hospital blanket. This turtle makes the perfect Keepsake animal gift.

**When choosing the Keepsake turtle made from clothing  I try to incorporate as much detail from your clothing into the design of your animal as I can.

Please make sure to send me all of the information below when you place order. Next mail the items to me and I will make your keepsake animal and mail it back to you. 

1. Full name to be used

2. Month, day and year of birth

3. Time and a.m. or p.m.

4. Weight in pounds, ounces and length.

5. Best way to contact you. 

I will contact you for additional information.

Dino pattern by bitofwhimseydolls, sewn and embroidered by Sewingtink

Please allow 4-6 weeks as each animal is made with detail and lots of love.